Galliano Di Marco, Venezia Terminal Passeggeri Managing Director, unanimously appointed President of Assiterminal Passengers Commission

Assiterminal, associating all the port operators in Italy, has renewed the charges of its technical commissions and working groups.

For the Passengers Commission, which has the purpose of studying and deepening all the issues related to the management of the passenger terminals in addition to the services and the technologies related to the travelers handling, the Chairman Luca Becce has proposed the nomination of Ing. Galliano Di Marco, Managing Director of Venezia Terminal Passeggeri (VTP), who has been unanimously appointed by the management.

I am grateful to the Chairman and to all the management for this challenging assignment. It is my privilege and I am sure that with the colleagues we will make a real contribution to the sustainable growth of this sector. The experience of Venice, with all its complexity, but also the on-going initiatives in others Italian ports can really be the best practices that Italy can – and must export throughout the World”, said Galliano Di Marco.

Venezia Terminal Passeggeri is the recipient of “Premio Innovazione SMAU”, thanks to its Multipurpose Boarding Tower

Venezia Terminal Passeggeri (VTP) – the company that manages the terminals for cruise ships across the areas of Marittima, St. Basilio and Riva dei Sette Martiri in Venice- announces to be the recipient of Premio Innovazione SMAU, thanks to its Multipurpose Boarding Tower (MBT) project, active since 2011.

Premio Innovazione SMAU is a significant recognition in the IT sector, conferred by SMAU to those companies whose outstanding innovation and technology skills accelerate the growth and the competitiveness of the solutions across local and international markets.

The Multipurpose Boarding Tower (MBT) is a solution developed by VTP Engineering, a subsidiary company of VTP S.p.A, which facilitates the boarding and the disembarkment of passengers – even more than 2000 per hour- from cruise ships. MBT is a multifunctional mobile tower able to automatically adjust itself to the level of the tide, with an integrated security system to access the dock.

It is also equipped with elevators to link the dock, terminal and vessel, regardless of the height of the boarding ramp, and provides passengers (especially those with reduced mobility), dock operators and crew with several alternative routes. One of most innovative features of the MBT is how the gangway is anchored to the ship, to guarantee the maximum level of security, also in adverse weather conditions.

Galliano Di Marco, Managing Director of VTP commented: “We are very satisfied and proud to receive this award. Projects ideated by VTP Engineering, such as the MBT, position VTP very distinctively as a company able to develop innovative products to better manage passengers’ flow, to decrease the amount of time spent by ships in ports and to reduce the energetic consumptions connected to the port activities. In addition, thanks to the 70 million of euros investments put in place from 1997 to 2017, we boosted the efficiency of the infrastructures, reducing the impact on the environment and increasing the comfort and security of passengers”.

Galliano Di Marco, VTP Managing Director, and Gabriele Zecchin VTP Technical Area Manager

Shareholders’ Meeting approves the financial statements at 31 May 2017 – Gianni Mion appointed Chairman of VTP

The Shareholders’ Meeting of Venezia Terminal Passeggeri – gathered today under the chairmanship of Sandro Trevisanato – approved the financial statements at 31 May 2017, confirming a turnover of EUR 33.66 million, substantially in line with the EUR 33.73 million of the previous year.

EBITDA rose by 6.46% to EUR 10.19 million against EUR 9.70 million in the previous year. Operating income at 31 May 2017 stood at EUR 5.61 million, up by 14.4% from EUR 4.90 million at 31 May 2016. The pre-tax result was EUR 5.49 million, an increase of 18% from the EUR 4.66 million for the period 2015-16.

Finally, VTP’s net profit stood at EUR 3.86 million, up 22% on the previous year (EUR 3.166 million).

These results were achieved without any adjustment to tariffs, but solely through improved efficiency in various sectors and cost containment, despite the loss of more than 63,000 cruise passengers compared to the previous year, rising to over 220,000 cruise passengers lost from the year ending 31/05/2013, after the introduction of the navigation limits and the voluntary limitation of tonnage to 96,000 tonnes practised by the companies.

At the same time, the Shareholders’ Meeting appointed Gianni Mion as the new Chairman of Venice Terminal Passeggeri, whose task will be to continue – in synergy with CEO Galliano Di Marco – the work performed by Trevisanato, in office since 2002.

In addition, the Shareholders’ Meeting appointed the new Board of Directors, now composed of Gianni Mion, Chiara Cacciavillani, representing Veneto Sviluppo, Howard Frank and Pierfrancesco Vago, representing the cruise companies, and Monica Scarpa representing Save.

Under the leadership of Trevisanato, in twelve years passenger numbers at the Terminal grew from 500,000 to nearly 2 million and the turnover grew from 6 to 35 million of euros in 2013, making it the largest Home Port in the Mediterranean.

“For me it has been 15 years of great satisfaction and important results, in which we have never stopped focussing on the excellence of the service, technological innovation and the environmental sustainability of our activities,” commented Sandro Trevisanato. “We have initiated several projects, investing huge resources to ensure a future in this nerve centre of the Laguna, transforming Marittima from a neglected commercial port into a modern Cruise Terminal, equipped with 10 Terminals for 10 vessels. In this context, I would like to thank VTP’s executives, employees and independent contractors, Directors and Statutory Auditors who have followed each other in nine Boards over the past 15 years, the companies, the authorities and all the operators involved in cruise operations in Venice, without which the Passenger Port would not have achieved these results. Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to wish the new Chairman Gianni Mion good luck and every success in this new challenge to overcome the uncertainty that over a five year period has weighed on the Venetian cruise sector, certain that his professionalism and experience will make a significant contribution to a complex situation.”

VENEZIA TERMINAL PASSEGGERI (VTP): il C.d.A. approva il progetto di bilancio di esercizio al 31 maggio 2017

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After a long evaluation process, GSE (Gestore Servizi Energetici) has conferred on Venezia Terminal Passeggeri (VTP) with the ‘Energy efficiency certificates”.

The important recognition certificates the considerable quantity of energy savings achieved by VTP thanks to the sophisticated technologies and optimizing systems implemented by its subsidiary VTP Engineering.

The certification comes as a result of the completion of a massive internal lighting system project, which aims at minimizing the energy consumption and reducing any possible loss.

“We are particularly honored for this important recognition, as it underlines VTP’s efforts to protect the environment”, stated Sandro Trevisanato, President of VTP. “This is also an excellent result for Venice’s sustainability, and it has been achieved thanks to the joined efforts between VTP and our subsidiary VTP Engineering, whose expertise in developing and implementing technology solutions for ports is renowned”.


The Court of Appeal in Barcelona entirely rejected the appeal initiated by Adelte (formerly known as TEAM), a Barcelona-based company specialised in the design of passenger gangways, against the first instance sentence by the Tribunal in Barcelona , regarding an alleged plagiarism committed by VTP in the design of  its SBB passenger gangway.

During both instances of the trial, Adelte’s allegations were judged baseless, thus clearing the authenticity of the design of the passenger bridge and VTP’s intellectual property.

Many of VTP Engineering’s projects and equipments are a result of the twenty-year experience in managing such a complex port, as the one in Venice, and are being implemented successfully. For instance, the Multipurpose Boarding Tower (MBT), a revolutionary solution that facilitates the boarding and disembarkment of passengers from cruise ships, is a unique case in the world, like the Ship Boarding Bridge (SBB), an innovative gangway which responds to the current needs of today’s cruise ships.

“This sentence confirms the authenticity and the innovation behind VTP Engineering’s solutions, a subsidiary of Venezia Terminal Passeggeri S.p.A, and opens new commercial perspectives” stated Galliano Di Marco, Managing Director of Venezia Terminal Passeggeri and Chairman & CEO of VTP Engineering.


Venezia Terminal Passeggeri announces that Cruise Insights, one of the leading publications in the cruise sector, has named the cruise port of Venice as the “Best Turnaround Destination” of 2016.

This is an international recognition, which is usually conferred to those destinations offering a superior service to passengers.

This is the fourth time that the Port of Venice receives this accolade in this specific category (previous awards in 2012, 2013 and 2014), thus confirming the attractiveness of Venice combined with VTP’s management of the port and the high level technological solutions implemented during the years.

In the past, the cruise port of Venice received the following awards: “Best Destination Experience – Independent Sightseeing 2011”; “Best Turnaround Port of the Mediterranean 2015”.

Sandro Trevisanato, VTP President, commented “We are particularly proud of this prestigious recognition. Thanks to the almost 70 million Euros investments put in place from 1997 to 2016, we have improved the efficiency of the facilities, thus reducing the environmental impact of the port operations and, at the same time, enhancing both the comfort and the safety of the passengers.  I would like to thank the Port Authority, the cruise lines, our staff and everybody working in the Venetian cruise industry: without them the Port would not have achieved these excellent results”.


Venezia Terminal Passeggeri – VTP’s Board of Directors agreed to leave the fares for cruise ships support services unchanged in 2017.

“The transformation of the Marittima from an old commercial and industrial port to a modern Passenger Port is the result of  the collaboration between Venice Port Authority and VTP. In the past twenty years, more than 160 million euros were invested, 70 of which have come from VTP”, stated Sandro Trevisanato, President of VTP.

“Thanks to this continuous inclination to innovation, our Terminal is considered one of the best in the world not only for quality of the services provided, security and passengers comfort, but also for the functionality of the facilities, often developed through innovative projects designed internally. This level of efficiency allows us to maintain the fares unvaried, while keeping the quality of the services intact.”

“VTP’s choice goes definitively against the market trends and is motivated by the company’s choice to foster and possibly increase the traffic in the Marittima area, which recorded decreasing passenger numbers in the past years, due to the current ban on large ships calling at the port of Venice. We are waiting for the definitive solution to access the Terminal to be identified” commented Galliano di Marco, VTP’s Director General.

In order to present the new leadership, VTP will participate in SeaTrade Cruise Global 2017 in Fort Lauderdale, with the aim to strengthen the relationships between the company and its local and international stakeholders.

During the event, VTP will highlight the role and the relevance played by the Marittima terminal across the Adriatic sea, as well as the safety, sustainability and quality of its services, which represent VTP’s assets on European and global markets.


In keeping with tradition, today at 7.30 AM was held the Christmas event of the Nuova Compagnia Lavoratori Portuali di Venezia, historical cooperative specialized in the in the performance of port services and point of reference for the Port of Venice.

The traditional ceremony, established over fifty years ago by the same ‘Compagnia’, was attended by a number of local authorities among which the Major of Venice Luigi Brugnaro. Galliano Di Marco, Managing Director, joined the event in representation of Venezia Terminal Passeggeri


VTP has just launched the new communication campaign named “ConVenezia”.  The aim is to further strengthen the information flow and promote the dialogue between VTP and the city of Venice, including the local community, the passengers, the cruise lines, the institutions and all the Italian and international stakeholders.

The communication activities will focus both on underlining the strategic importance and the role played by the terminal in the Adriatic area around Venice, as well as provide accurate information on the innovation capability, sustainability topics and level of the service given by VTP.

Furthermore, the campaign aims to promote VTP’s peculiarities, through which the company plays a vital role in the management and development of the terminal, like the implementation of in-house technological solutions to better manage the passengers’ flows.

Sandro Trevisanato, confirmed as VTP President in October 2016, stated: “ConVenezia is not just a geographical expression: it means that VTP shares the same objectives of Venice. We have developed several projects and made large investments to secure the future of this area. At the same time, we believe that there is much left to be accomplished together. With this campaign, we want to show the harmony between Venice and VTP, an important synergy for the future development of the territory”.