Mission, Vision and Strategic Objectives

Our Mission:
“We embark dreams in a City of dreams”

Our values:
Our values can be summed up as follow:

We want that our passengers enjoy the experience to embark from Venice as the beginning of a relaxing and pleasant journey.

We act responsibly, in all our actions, with all our stakeholders: the passengers, the City of Venice, the cruise companies.

Venice is synonimous of beauty and excellence. The passenger port must ensure the highest operational standaards.

To protect a special environment as the Venice Lagoon is our priority.

Maximum Security
Nothing is more important to us as than the security of both passengers and staff.

Our Vision:
By 2030 the passenger port of Venice will again be one of the most important port of the World for number of passengers, profitability and quality of the service. It will be recignized by the City of Venice with pride as a strategic partner for the development of its economy and for the creation of jobs.