Terminal 109-110

Thanks to its dimension of 14.000 square meters divided on two floors, Terminal 109/110 is the widest cruise facility of the Mediterranean with a standard – never reached so far – of 2 square meters of available surface for each passengers waiting to embark during the peak phases.  Inaugurated in April 2014, Terminal 109/110, a former warehouse, has being refurbished to become an independent Passenger station located in Tagliamento Quay, in order to fluently serve a maximum of two cruise ships simultaneously berthed in front of Terminal 107/108 and in front of the renewed Terminal 109/110, respectively.From the technological systems to the air-conditioning and the fire systems, from the elevators to the escalators, all the structural refurbishment interventions have followed a philosophy based on energetic savings and eco-sustainability, emphasizing the industrial archeology aesthetic, thanks to its elegant and minimal furniture. The embarkation and disembarkation of passengers is safely carried out using a Ship Boarding Bridge, while the baggage handling benefits from an innovative underground conveyor belt system, delivering pieces of luggage directly on the quay side.



Location: first foor
Terminal 109 3.600 sq. m.,
Terminal 110: 3.450 sq. m.
Embarkation equipment: Terminal 109 Ship Boarding Bridge (SBB), Terminal 110 Ship Boarding Bridge (SBB)
Luggage Handling: underground conveyor belt system
Access: 4 escalator, 4 lifts.
Reduced mobility access: heelchair ramps and elevators guarantee an easy access to the Terminal.
Air-conditioning/Heating Systems: Yes
Waiting rooms: Terminal 109 1 waiting room with 350 seats, 1 VIP lounge with 50 seats, Terminal 110 1 waiting room with 350 seats, 1 VIP lounge with 50 seats
Check-in desks: Terminal 109 19 serving 38 operators, Terminal 110 23 serving 52 operators.
Check-in desks for reduced mobility passengers: Terminal 109 1 serving 2 operators, Terminal 110 1 serving 2 operators
Security Screening Lines
– Terminal 109 embarking halls:
1 security screening line, 1 line of service
Luggage security screening lines: up to 1
– Terminal 110 embarking halls:
up to 4 security screening lines, 1 line of service
Luggage security screening lines: up to 2.
LCD Monitor for passengers’ communications: available
WC: Terminal 109 5 men; 11 ladies, Terminal 110 6 men; 11 ladies
Reduced mobility WC: Terminal 109 1, Terminal 110 1
Baby-changing table: Terminal 109 1, Terminal 110 1


Change office: 1 (located at the first floor of Terminal 110)
Passengers’ information desk: yes
VIP Lounge: yes
Duty free: 1 (located at first floor of Terminal 110)
Refreshment area: yes
Newsstand and tobbacconist: (located outside Terminal 107)


Location: ground foor
Terminal: 109 – 3.600 sq. m.
Terminal: 110 – 3.100 sq. m.
Air conditioning/Heating System: Yes
WC: Terminal 109 3 men; 5 ladies,Terminal 110 3 men; 3 ladies
Reduced mobility WC: Terminal 109 1, Terminal 110 1
Baby changing-table: available


Passengers’ information desk: yes
Left Luggage Deposit and Lost & Found Service: open from the beginning till the end of cruise operations


Wired connection: available upon prior request

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