News from Venezia Terminal Passeggeri at Seatrade di Miami

The Port of Venice will host the Cold Ironing system Worldwide conference, Mr. Robert Ashdown, European Cruise Council  Technical & Environment Director,  announced in the booth of Venezia Terminal Passeggeri at Seatrade Cruise Shipping in Miami, the most important Worldwide event of cruising.

“The Cold Ironing is a system of electricity supplying to the docked ships”, explained Mr. Roberto Perocchio, Managing Director of Venezia Terminal Passeggeri, “which allows to switch off the auxiliary engines of the docked ships, removing emissions”. Thanks to a partnership signed in February 2010 between the Port Authority and Enel, a system allowing to power 4 ships at the same time will be created in the Port of  Venice.

This initiative perfectly fits in the strategy undertaken long since to make the maritime traffic more and more compatible with the natural and historical delicate environment of the Lagoon.
“A strategy of Green Port which is essential” said Mr. Perocchio, “in particular in view of the constant increasing, confirmed by several meetings we had in Miami, of the cruise traffic that will involve the Marittima terminals even in the next season”.

During 2013 in fact, in addition to the 2012 program, it is expected an even more relevant presence of cruise companies such as for example the doubling of Aida Cruises’ ships, an increase of 40% of Carnival or a growth of 25% of MSC.

“We are also glad to announce”, finally added Mr. Perocchio  “that in 2013 the Port of Venice will host for the first time the ship Disney Magic, according to a diversification of the offer we are following long since”.