Terminal 103

Terminal 103 is a state of the art facility, opened in 2003. The closeness to a short stay area available for drop off and pick up....

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Terminal 123

The Terminal 123 is a single-storey facility of 5.000 square meters opened in 1999 and used to serve ferry traffic until 2013. After the relocation of the....

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Terminal 109/110

Thanks to its dimension of 14.000 square meters divided on two floors, Terminal 109/110 is the widest cruise facility of the Mediterranean with a standard - never....

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Terminal 117

The Terminal 117 is a single-storey facility opened in 2006. The proximity of the car park 1 and capr park 3 as well as the....

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Terminal 107/108

The Terminal 107/108 is a two-story facility restored at the end of 90s. Easy access to the Terminal 107/108 is granted by the closeness of a short stay area available....

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Terminal Isonzo 1-2

Terminal Isonzo is a two-story building, divided in two parts: Isonzo 1 and Isonzo 2, opened respectively in 2009 and 2011. Designed for providing all....

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Terminal San Basilio 22

St. Basilio Terminal, a single storey ground floor facility built at the end of 80s and renovated in the 90s, provides assistance not only to....

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