General technichal features & faclilities of the cruise port


Restrictions to ship size are applied according to the ordinance no. 17/2018 of the Harbour Master of Venice.

Ship’s Max Draught: 9,10 m.
Turning basin: suitable for the manoeuvre of ship up to LOA 340 m.
Air draught: no limit in Venice Marittima, in Marghera (Commercial and Industrial Port) between 58 m. and 64 m. subject to authorization
Anchorage: yes, at roadstead
Tidal movement/Range: about 1 m.


Harbour: 24 hours
Ship Stay: no limit
Passenger Terminals: 10
Number of quays: 7
Maximum berthing capacity: 12
Quays length:
Piave: 722,50 m.
Testata Marmi: 203,00 m.
Tagliamento: 726,70 m.
Isonzo: 630,00 m.
S. Marta: 465,24 m.
S. Basilio: 342,57 m.
Riva Sette Martiri: 310,00 m.  – river cruises only
Total quays length: 3.400,01 m.
Quays width: 15/30 m.


Pilotage compulsory: yes
Tugs compulsory: yes

Boatmen compulsory: yes
Ship tenders allowed: yes
Ship repair: yes
Bunkering: yes
Garbage disposal: yes
Water: yes
Provisions handling: yes
Electricity for containers and/or refrigerating units: yes
Container storage: yes
Depot areas: 40 buses; 2334 cars (spaces reserved to reduced mobility passengers included)
ATM: yes


Procedure: according to EU rules, the National Plan for Maritime Security and Port Facility Security Plan
Immigration custom facilities
: compliance security measures
Videosurveillance: 24/24 h (Closed Circuit TV)
Communication systems: Radio with exclusive channel