Services for passengers with reduced mobility


Passengers with disabilities or reduced mobility (PRM) enjoy barrier-free access to the port facility managed by V.T.P., whether they arrive by car, by water means of transportation or on foot. Parking, refreshment bar and toilets are fully accessible. Operations preceding departure such as baggage drop-off, check-in, embarkation, and those after arrival such as disembarkation, baggage claim, etc. are performed in facilities adequate to PRM needs, being equipped with ramps, lifts, mobile bridges, dedicated toilets, check in desks and seats.
Public and dedicated means of transportation, all equipped with retractable platforms, are available for transfer within V.T.P. Port Facility.
Wheelchairs are available in each terminal.

Public Information

In compliance with Article 23, paragraph 1 of the Regulation (EU) No 1177/2010 (the Regulation), V.T.P., within its area of competence, ensures the availability of all information on the rights of passengers travelling by sea and inland waterways. A summary of the provisions of the Regulation as well as the assistance services provided by the terminal operator are made available on V.T.P. website, at the information points in each terminal, as well as through information boards placed in the port areas.

Assistance to Passengers with Disabilities or Reduced Mobility

Carriers and V.T.P., within their areas of competence, provide assistance to PRM passengers. In accordance with Article 11 of the Regulation, the passenger applying for assistance shall notify Carriers or terminal operator of his specific needs at the latest forty eight (48) hours before the assistance is required.

In accordance with Article 12 of the Regulation, PRM passengers may notify their arrival to the staff at the main entrance gate of the Passenger’s Port (“Tronchetto” port gate).

V.T.P., within its port areas, makes available qualified staff to assist PRM passengers before the embarkation and after the disembarkation ashore. Specifically, the following services are provided:

  1. Transfer from the entrance of V.T.P. port facility to the terminal.
  2. Transfer from departure hall to the ship’s gangway.
  3. Transfer from arrival hall to the port facility exit.
  4. Assistance to reach toilet facilities.

Passengers applying for assistance shall inform the Terminal – by e-mail or by phone – within the prescribed time limits. V.T.P. contacts:


Phone number: +39 342 5954228, from Monday to Sunday, from 8:15AM to 4:45PM.

Parking Areas

The outdoor parking lots of the Venezia Terminal Passeggeri S.p.A. are provided with reduced mobility-designed parking spaces (yellow painted). The parking service for PRM passengers is free of charge, for further information please visit the ‘Parking section’.