Shareholders’ Meeting approves the financial statements at 31 May 2017 – Gianni Mion appointed Chairman of VTP

The Shareholders’ Meeting of Venezia Terminal Passeggeri – gathered today under the chairmanship of Sandro Trevisanato – approved the financial statements at 31 May 2017, confirming a turnover of EUR 33.66 million, substantially in line with the EUR 33.73 million of the previous year.

EBITDA rose by 6.46% to EUR 10.19 million against EUR 9.70 million in the previous year. Operating income at 31 May 2017 stood at EUR 5.61 million, up by 14.4% from EUR 4.90 million at 31 May 2016. The pre-tax result was EUR 5.49 million, an increase of 18% from the EUR 4.66 million for the period 2015-16.

Finally, VTP’s net profit stood at EUR 3.86 million, up 22% on the previous year (EUR 3.166 million).

These results were achieved without any adjustment to tariffs, but solely through improved efficiency in various sectors and cost containment, despite the loss of more than 63,000 cruise passengers compared to the previous year, rising to over 220,000 cruise passengers lost from the year ending 31/05/2013, after the introduction of the navigation limits and the voluntary limitation of tonnage to 96,000 tonnes practised by the companies.

At the same time, the Shareholders’ Meeting appointed Gianni Mion as the new Chairman of Venice Terminal Passeggeri, whose task will be to continue – in synergy with CEO Galliano Di Marco – the work performed by Trevisanato, in office since 2002.

In addition, the Shareholders’ Meeting appointed the new Board of Directors, now composed of Gianni Mion, Chiara Cacciavillani, representing Veneto Sviluppo, Howard Frank and Pierfrancesco Vago, representing the cruise companies, and Monica Scarpa representing Save.

Under the leadership of Trevisanato, in twelve years passenger numbers at the Terminal grew from 500,000 to nearly 2 million and the turnover grew from 6 to 35 million of euros in 2013, making it the largest Home Port in the Mediterranean.

“For me it has been 15 years of great satisfaction and important results, in which we have never stopped focussing on the excellence of the service, technological innovation and the environmental sustainability of our activities,” commented Sandro Trevisanato. “We have initiated several projects, investing huge resources to ensure a future in this nerve centre of the Laguna, transforming Marittima from a neglected commercial port into a modern Cruise Terminal, equipped with 10 Terminals for 10 vessels. In this context, I would like to thank VTP’s executives, employees and independent contractors, Directors and Statutory Auditors who have followed each other in nine Boards over the past 15 years, the companies, the authorities and all the operators involved in cruise operations in Venice, without which the Passenger Port would not have achieved these results. Finally, I would like to take this opportunity to wish the new Chairman Gianni Mion good luck and every success in this new challenge to overcome the uncertainty that over a five year period has weighed on the Venetian cruise sector, certain that his professionalism and experience will make a significant contribution to a complex situation.”