Events not be missed

San Marco- (St. Marcus Day) – 25th April

April 25th is the feast of St. Marcus, the city’s patron saint. It is celebrated with a procession in the Basilica. On this day there is a widespread tradition among Venetian: the gift of a bocolo, that is a red rosebud to the women they love.

The Vogalonga- May

Vogalonga is an event born 28 years ago thanks to the initiative of a group of Venetians who were lovers of rowing and wanted to make Venetians and not only the Venetians aware of the problem of swell created by engine-powered boats. In the morning a large number of boats await the start in St. Mark’s Basin opposite the Doge’s Palace; they then set off on a roughly 30 kilometre long course that winds its way among the lagoon islands before returning to Venice along the Rio di Cannaregio to finish at the Punta della Dogana

Ascension day- May

Ascension Sunday (called Sensa by the Venetians) is one of the most loved festivities: it celebrates the marriage to the Sea. This event re-evokes the victorious undertaking of the Venetian fleet under the Command of Doge Pietro Orseolo II, which in 998 sailed on Ascension Day to liberate Dalmatia. From then every year on that day the Doge, on board of a sumptuous boat called the Bucintoro, threw a ring, the symbol of the city’s dominion over the sea, into the waters in front of the Church of San Nicolò on the Lido. Today the ceremony is quite similar: the Mayor, the highest civil authorities and the Patriarch of Venice, board the Bucintoro from the San Marco quay. The water procession of historical boats makes its way slowly towards the waters in front of the Church of San Nicolò on the Lido. Here, after the blessing, the auspicious ring is thrown into the waves. The ceremony ended in the church. In the afternoon there are two Venetian rowing races and other side events such as a concert of classical music, period costume parades, theatre performances and the Sensa Fair.

Historical Regatta – first Sunday of September

One of the most well-know events of the city is the historical Regatta. It is a magnificent historical procession on the Grand Canal consisting of splendid boats complete with hundreds of figures in brocade costumes. This procession re-evokes the triumphant welcome reserved by the Serenissima Authority to the Queen of Cyprus, Caterina Cornaro, who had “donated” her kingdom to Venice in 1489. After the procession there are four rowing races: the first is reserved for the Very Young, the second for Women, the third for male crews (on 6-oared caorline) while the fourth sees a competition between professional oarsmen on their gondolini which are the sporting version of the gondola.

The Redentore Feast – third Saturday of July

The Redentore Feast-day, one of the most deeply felt by the Venetians, falls every year on the third Saturday in July. During this fest, a mix of the sacred and popular established in 1576 as a votive fest to celebrate the end of a terrible epidemic, a temporary bridge made of boats is set up in order to allow the pilgrims to cross the Giudecca Canal from Zattere and to pay religious homage to the Redeemer. The festivity reaches its climax towards midnight when a large number of exquisitely prepared boats gather in St.Mark’s Basin to await and admire the fireworks. After this show the boats head for the Lido, where their occupants await the sunrise

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