Venice Terminal Passenger S.p.A.: a 2010 of records, over two million passengers embarking in the Port of Venice

During the ceremony, the lucky Californian cruise passenger has received from the VTP’s Chairman Mr. Sandro Trevisanato a Murano Glass-carving. “This year we have surpassed a goal that only a few years ago would seem to be unthinkable. Going beyond the threshold of two million global passengers in 2010 is the confirmation that we have worked in the right direction. The Mediterranean leadership held by the Venetian terminal is a fact and represents a relevant factor for the lagoon economy and for the entire economy of the North East of Italy as well”, said Mr. Trevisanato.
The passenger number two million is from the United States of America. Ms Bevis Metzler  from Roseville, California,  has been given a prize on November 10th 2010, by the Venice Port Authority and the Venice Terminal Passenger, the company that has been managing the Passenger Port of Venice since 1997. The American tourist was embarking for a cruise on the Eastern Mediterranean calling in Croatia, Greece and Turkey with the ship Star Princess of Princess Cruises.