VTP has just launched the new communication campaign named “ConVenezia”.  The aim is to further strengthen the information flow and promote the dialogue between VTP and the city of Venice, including the local community, the passengers, the cruise lines, the institutions and all the Italian and international stakeholders.

The communication activities will focus both on underlining the strategic importance and the role played by the terminal in the Adriatic area around Venice, as well as provide accurate information on the innovation capability, sustainability topics and level of the service given by VTP.

Furthermore, the campaign aims to promote VTP’s peculiarities, through which the company plays a vital role in the management and development of the terminal, like the implementation of in-house technological solutions to better manage the passengers’ flows.

Sandro Trevisanato, confirmed as VTP President in October 2016, stated: “ConVenezia is not just a geographical expression: it means that VTP shares the same objectives of Venice. We have developed several projects and made large investments to secure the future of this area. At the same time, we believe that there is much left to be accomplished together. With this campaign, we want to show the harmony between Venice and VTP, an important synergy for the future development of the territory”.